Your questions

1How do I know if my meter is compatible ?

The majority of recent meters are compatible with counting devices, either by the addition of pulse sensor, or by direct interrogation with some internal meter intelligence .

In case of doubt, send us a photo or the reference of your meter (manufacturer and model) via, we will do some research to determine if your meter is compatible or not.

2My meter is too old or impossible to connect, what can I do ?

In this case, we seek together the most suitable solution.

Adding a sub-meter is one of the solutions.
We can also request a change of your meter to your energy provider so that your provider installs a new smart meter.

3What kind of solutions do you use to communicate with meters ?

Depending of your environment, we can use different data transmission technologies

If internet is available in your building, we use our Gateway which will communicate directly with your meter. If necessary, we deploy a 169 or 868 MHz radio frequency network (RF) that will take reach the most remote or isolated meters using remote modules on battery or main power.

If there is no Internet available, we put in place solutions based on 3G, 4G, soon 5G networks, but also IoT-oriented networks such as LoRa or SigFox.

4If battery communication modules are used, do I often need to replace battery ?

Currently, battery-powered RF modules have a life span that ranges from 2 to 10 years.

The more often the data is transmitted, the more the module will tend to consume.
A module that transmits 96 values per day will require a battery replacement faster than a module that transmits 24 data per day.

It also depends on the type of battery used.

The majority of modules also transmit their battery level, so you can be informed in case of low battery.

5How can I access my data ?

Your data is transmitted to our Cloud application that performs the necessary processing and allows you to view your data wherever you are.

Just log in to your SmartYou account

6Are my data secure ?

Yes, your data transits encrypted and therefore securely to our Cloud.
Only the Gateway is allowed to transmit your data from your home.

Cloud access is also secure and protected by a high level of authorization.