SmartYou has developped its own Gateway
23 May 2018
The Sacred-Heart in Jette, a school that saves money.
6 July 2018

As part of our Early Adopters program allowing a Win/Win exchange between user and supplier, the Sainte-Veronique school’s building  located in Louvrex street has been equipped with several sensors allowing the feedback of data to the SmartYou Cloud.

The objective of this installation is to validate the SmartYou concept and to test various transmission technologies, without forgetting the main objective, which is to allow the infrastructure manager to have a real-time idea of ​​building consumption.

Considering the nature of the places and the relative distance of the points of capture compared to the Internet access point, SmartYou has choose a solution based on a 169Mhz Wireless MBus technology to ensure transmission through walls and several floors.

Sensors for water, gas, electricity, but also two classrooms’ temperature and humidity, have been installed and transmit their data every 1/4 hour, guaranteeing a high level of accuracy in the audit process of the building.

Quickly, problems of water leakage but also poor heating regulation were raised by the SmartYou system and brought to the attention of the manager, who was able to take the appropriate actions and directly visualize the impact.

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