Sainte-Véronique Liège, an ISO14001 school, equips one of its buildings with the SmartYou solution
19 June 2018

The Sacred-Heart in Jette (primary school section) is one of our early adopters with the most extensive facility. This allowed us to validate several modes of communication and transmission.

An electric sub-meter added to the supplier counter allows data to be sent to our cloud via our SmartGateway.
The gas meters were equipped with pulse transmitters, picked up by a dedicated SmartYou module and connected to another of our Gateways.

The school had a built-in water meter that did not allow any measurement, SmartYou contacted the local supplier to plan a replacement of this meter with a newer version with a built-in measuring interface.
As the water meter is located in an area not covered by the school’s Internet network, a solution based on SigFox technology, using a dedicated antennas network managed by Engie, has been set up.
This technology, clearly oriented IoT and competitor of the Lora network (managed by Proximus), allows, at low cost, a cyclic transmission of a very small number of data using a minimum of power, allowing a battery life of 5 to 10 years.

SigFox temperature and humidity sensors have also been set up in north and south-facing classrooms to visualize, thanks to the SmartYou application, the differences between the two exposures and thus be able to compensate thanks to the thermostatic valves. These sensors can be moved as you wish, because they are autonomous, wherever they are located in Europe, their data will reach the SmartYou cloud through the SigFox network. Great, isn’t it ?

The school has already saved hundreds of Euros and continues to save money thanks to SMS and eMail alerts transmitted, and to the analysis that the SmartYou application allows.

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